Tips on College Lacrosse Recruiting

Recruiting Process

Is having film important? How often should I update my film? Should it be a highlight
film or game film?

  • Yes, game film is important as it enables a college coach to evaluate your athleticism and lacrosse abilities to determine if you are a potential match for their program. Coaches will still want to see you play live, but film is an invaluable tool when you are trying to “get on their radar.”
  • Generally a 3-5 minute highlight film is preferred over a full length game tape.

What should my film include?

  • Defense- on ball defense (footwork), off ball defense, transition, ground balls, physical play, communication (if possible to hear on the film).
  • Midfield- dodging from all points on the field, distributing, shooting on the run, set shots, transition, ground balls, defense (especially your ability to hustle back after turnovers.)
  • Attack- dodging from all points on the field, distributing, shooting on the run, set shots, off ball play, riding (especially after you miss a shot).
  • Goalies- Saves- inside and outside, clearing, communication, it should also demonstrate how you handle tense situations or missed saves.

When emailing college coaches, what should I say?

  • Tell them a little about yourself ! academic achievements and athletic achievements
  • Tell them why you are interested in their school ! focus on academics not lacrosse
  • Provide highlight film and spring/summer/fall schedule
  • Email our coaches or attend the college planning night for some examples.

I’m taking an unofficial visit and planning to meet with the lacrosse coach. What questions should I ask?

  • This all depends on where you are in the process. Is this your first meeting or have you already visited and had a lot of communication back and forth? Below are some sample questions. Whenever visiting a college campus, please remember to dress appropriately (pants and a button down or polo shirt, no hats). First impressions are important!
  • What does your school offer academically that I might not find elsewhere?
  • What does the school do to academically support the players? If there is academic advising, do players take advantage of it?
  • What is the typical day like for a student athlete? What is the typical year like?
  • What does the financial aid and/or scholarship package cover?
  • Can you describe your coaching style and philosophy?
  • What are some of the greatest successes of the team over the last three years?
  • What resources does the school offer for strength training and sports medicine?
  • How is the team viewed in the community? On campus and off?

I’ve tried contacting a college several times and I have not heard back. Should I be

  • College coaches have very busy schedules. During the spring season, they are consumed with practice and games while over the summer they are on the road traveling from event to event. The key is to be persistent when trying to make an initial contact. Unless you are a future Tewaaraton winner, you should not expect to send one email and receive an immediate response. Talk to your coaches if you have questions regarding contacting college coaches.

I’ve been contacted by a number of colleges that I am not interested in. Should I respond?

  • Yes, even if you are not interested you should always respond in a timely manner. A short reply stating why you are not interested (academics, location, size, competitiveness) is all it takes. You never know where that college coach might be in 1-2 years. Always make a good impression so that the door is open for you, and other players, in the future! That is very important!

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