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FAQ’s for College Lacrosse Recruitment

1. What should my highlight reel look like? We have data showing the average coach does not watch more than 3-5 minutes of any video. This is why we strongly recommend you have 15-20 clips ranging from 5-15 seconds each, keeping your reel within this 3-5 minute time frame. In this video, coaches are looking […]

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Tips on College Lacrosse Recruiting

Recruiting Process Is having film important? How often should I update my film? Should it be a highlight film or game film? Yes, game film is important as it enables a college coach to evaluate your athleticism and lacrosse abilities to determine if you are a potential match for their program. Coaches will still want […]

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How To Navigate College Lacrosse Recruiting

You have made up your mind. You want to play lacrosse in college. Great! Now what? Where do I begin? Can I even play in college? Is it too late for me? All excellent questions I hope to answer for you. First, lets begin with a little history. My son at an early age fell in love […]

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